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Fed up with feeling stressed and having too much to do in your business?

grab your seat on this free 5-day training to
Help you ditch overwhelm & procrastination

What You Get With This Free 5-Day Training From Clare Josa:

Bite-Sized Video Training

Short but potent video training each day, designed to create fast-acting shifts, even while you're watching.

take inspired action

Each day has a 'faster-than-making-a-cup-of-tea' action challenge, to move you forwards on your overwhelm-ditching journey

you are not alone

Join in the discussions in our Facebook-free forum - sharing your journey and learning from others can sky-rocket your results

interactive masterclass

60-minute live masterclass training: Does Your Business Need A Reboot?

Plus what to do if that's a 'yes'

are you falling out of love with your business?

When we're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it's easy to lose touch with the Passionate World Changer inspiration that got you going on your business.

It's hard to concentrate, we make mistakes and we can even end up resenting the very customers we longed for.

Rather than putting up with this - or ditching your dreams - how about uncovering what is causing the stress, overwhelm and procrastination - and learning how to set yourself free to fall in love with running your business again?

And it's yours - as my gift to your future and the difference you are here to make in the world.

x Clare

Clare Josa, Author of Dare To Dream Bigger, Mentor to Passionate World Changers since 2002

in this free 5-day training you will learn:

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    The power of clutter and stress to slow down your business growth - it's all down to neuroscience
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    The self-mentoring question that can cut your 'to do' list in half - and make even tricky decisions easier
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    The hidden reason why so many of us stay stuck in overwhelm, stress and procrastination for years - and the surprising question that can unlock how to turn this around
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    Clare Josa's favourite 'magic question' for getting unstuck when she's feeling blocked or like she's had enough - and how you can use it to grow your business
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    5 hidden warning signs that your business needs a reboot - and why most of us ignore them until it's too late
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    The 3 questions you can ask yourself that create near-instant relief - and solutions
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    How to turn things around in under 90 days - the DIY version and the done-with-you fast-track

By the end of the 5 days you will know what has been triggering overwhelm, procrastination and stress for you, you'll know how to release those triggers (bye bye willpower and gritted determination) and you'll have more 'space' - both inside and out - to grow your business. Plus the live masterclass will teach you how to spot whether your business needs a reboot and come up with a bespoke 90-day action plan.