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Is It Time To Nail Your Niche?

Discover the power of nailing your niche to make your business grow faster, with less effort and more fun:

P.S. Niche work isn't just for biz newbies...

On A Scale Of 1 To 10, How Clear Are You on Your Niche?

We're talking more than ICA here (Ideal Customer Avatar). For example:

Who can I refer to you?

Is it easy for someone you know - or meet at a networking event - to picture exactly who from their network might be a great fit to work with you? And who you'd run a mile to avoid?

Should you say yes?

How easy is it for you to decide whether or not a speaking gig / guest post / interview / 'free for exposure' opportunity is going to land you in front of your Dream Audience at a point where they're hungry?

What's their trigger?

How clear are you on what triggers your dream customer to start looking for the solutions that only you can offer? What have they tried that hasn't worked? And where do they look? Are you there yet?

Your niche is the foundation upon which your business strategy is built.

And there's so much more to it than figuring out your 'ICA' (Ideal Customer Avatar).

In fact, if that's all you're doing - or you're stuck on it - then you're making your life so much harder than it needs to be.

Struggling With Your ICA? You Are Not Alone!

Find It Hard

82% of the business owners Clare Josa interviewed when she was writing Dare to Dream Bigger said they had struggled with narrowing down their niche and that this had slowed down the growth of their business.

95% - nearly all of those who struggled - were suffering from the same three hidden blocks that make nailing your niche almost impossible, leading to stress, procrastination, overwhelm and a slower road to success.

Hidden Blocks

100% - all of the business owners Clare Josa has worked on niching with find they shift from burnout to breakthroughs when they nail their niche and get it lined up with the difference they are really here to make in the world.

Are Your Ready To Nail Your Niche?

What if you could start cranking up your clarity on your niche in the next hour?

Here's What You'll Cover In Clare Josa's Nail Your Niche Training:

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    Why nailing your niche isn't just for biz-newbies - how it can be the fastest way to grow your business, if you're feeling stuck, shifting direction or in need of a reboot
  • check
    Why your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) is not enough (and what to do if you're stuck on it)
  • check
    The huge benefits of niching - and the costs to your business of not doing it
  • check
    The 3 hidden reasons why so many of us resist it - for years - wearing ourselves out trying to be Oprah
  • check
     The six self-mentoring questions that can help you to nail your niche - in under an hour
  • check
    5 insider secrets from the world of market research that can help you to 'mind-read' and solve their biggest problems, getting them beating a trail to your door

Wherever you are 'at' on your business journey, Nail Your Niche brings you the resources you need:

Nail Your Niche Masterclass

You'll get Clare's interactive Nail Your Niche masterclass & workbook, which brings you all of the above, plus extra deep dive resources to help you on your journey, including:


Crank Up Your Clarity

Deep dive on clarity with 2 inspirational masterclasses:

The 4 Keys To Clarity plus

Why Goal-Setting Stinks & What Your Business Wishes You Were doing Instead


Clare's hugely popular 5-day Big Vision Challenge


Clear Out Your Hidden Blocks

Get out of your own way - fast.

Get Clare's much-loved masterclass on 5 Hidden Biz-Trashing Beliefs Most Entrepreneurs Don't Realise They're Running & How To Ditch Them


Get her Imposter Syndrome Emergency Quick Fix video training so you can set yourself free from self-doubt in under 10 minutes

Take Inspired Action

Be inspired to take the actions that create breakthroughs, not burnout. Get answers to your questions, accountability and celebrate your successes in the members-only forum (NOT a Facebook group) where Clare and your fellow students are hanging out.

Clare's mentoring clients and students report that nailing their niche helps them to:

  • Get more referrals from clients and peers
  • Get better and more relevant speaking gigs
  • Increase engagement for social media posts and email opens
  • star
    Spend less (money and time) on advertising & marketing and get better results
  • Grow their subscriber list, faster
  • star
    Get better PR opportunities, more easily
  • Write better blog posts and sales pages that resonate with their Dream Audience
  • Get more of their Dream Audience saying 'yes' and committing to working together

What might that be worth to you?

So far this programme has only been available to Clare's Passionate World Changer Club members. But by popular demand she is now releasing Nail Your Niche as a stand-alone training.

Clare wants to make this programme as affordable as possible, whilst still offering the quality and service you deserve. So the regular investment for Nail Your Niche will be just £197.

BUT during the launch week celebrations, you can join her for half price - just £97. This offer will never be repeated.

What would you need to do, as a result of this training, to cover this investment?

If you're a coach, 1 new client?

If you're a yoga teacher, 1 new student?

If you're an author, sell 40 books?

If you're an accountant, half an extra client?

If you're a therapist, one extra client?

If you're a trainer, sell one of two workshop places?

If you secretly know it could do that for you - and so much more - then here's how to get started today:

To get the half-price launch rate, join now:



What do past students think of Clare's nailing your niche strategies?

Clare has a way of explaining things you already knew so you create breakthroughs.

Working with Clare has been the difference between being stuck and frustrated and on the path to creating my dream business and life.

Rosie Slosek

Founder of One Man Band Accounting

Clare helped me to leverage my gifts. I have been stuck helping people with their problems outside my gifts which has slowed down my dream business.

Working with Clare pushed me to get clearer on who I should focus on attracting - ideal target market, who I give the biggest transformation for.

Teresa Pangan

Nutrition Consultant

What's Waiting For You

Here's a quick tour of the inside of your training - with the modules that are waiting for you and tips to make the most of them.

100% Guarantee

I know what it's like, buying an online course, if you're not sure it's right for you. So I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. ​​Dive in and make the most of the training and all the bonus modules and, if you feel they haven't helped you to get clarity over your niche, email my team (hello @ clarejosa .com) and you can have a full refund.

Note: this isn't a 'brown banana' guarantee, though - we ask you to actually try the course on for size. After all, you wouldn't take a banana back to the supermarket for a refund because you left it in the fruit bowl and forgot about it for a month, would you?

x Clare

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