5 Hidden Beliefs That Can Trash Your Business Success

By Clare Josa

Jan 12

5 Hidden Beliefs That Can Trash Your Business Success - And What To Do About Them

January 2018 masterclass for Passionate World-Changer members.

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About the Author

Clare Josa: Mentor To Passionate World-Changers since 2002 If you've had enough of secretly getting in your own way, Clare Josa can help with her unique blend of practical business strategy and the 'inside work' that sets you free to make the difference you are really here to make. Her much-loved book, Dare To Dream Bigger, gives you the step by step how-to for this. And if you want to lose yourself in a great story, her first novel, You Take Yourself With You, is a fab place to start.

  • Lorna says:

    This was superb, Clare and so relevant to me on many fronts. I did chuckle at your illustration of the tiny ‘pay me’ button! I find charging for what I offer is the biggest challenge and always has been – it makes me tighten up in the gut when I send a quotation for an editing task or, right now, put a price on my courses, so I look forward to your upcoming class on that. I recognise what you say about hard work and have noticed that the harder I have been working the harder it has been to focus. I look forward to dreaming bigger and doing bigger things because I have been prone to self-sabotage, wanting success but being afraid. Launching online courses is a scary step for me – I’d rather give a speech to hundreds of people in a hall, which, weirdly, gives me no trouble at all!

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