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Had Enough Of Feeling Like A Fraud & Secretly Self-Sabotaging Your Dreams?

Let the Limiting Belief Toolkit set you free from those out-of-date fears and
secret excuses so that you can crank up your confidence today!

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Here's What You'll Be Covering:

All in easy-to-apply, bite-sized chunks - videos, audios, worksheets and mentoring question discussion threads.


why limiting beliefs aren't all in your head

You'll get a demystified tour of the neuroscience of limiting beliefs and experience why this means you CAN change them.

You'll discover who is really making your biggest business decisions - and it's probably not who you think.

Plus you'll find out why the most common belief-shifting advice is the worst thing you can do.


how to spot & DITCH limiting beliefs BEFORE they get in the way

Being able to predict how we might subconsciously self-sabotage means we can stop it in its tracks.

Find out how to spot even hidden limiting beliefs, how to soften and change them, and even how to press 'pause' on negative thinking - in under sixty seconds.


Quick fixes & deep dives

Sometimes you’ve got the time for navel-gazing and sometimes you need a quick fix.
In this module you get both.
Here are the most effective techniques - practical, easy to learn strategies - that I use for clearing out limiting beliefs, out-of-date fears and hidden blocks – both the surface-level stuff and the longer-term blocks.


FIXing the #1 reason why change doesn't work

Do you ever feel like ‘change’ works for everyone else, but it won’t work for you? You’re in great company!
This module is all about the secret reason why change so often doesn’t stick – and what you can do about it. Plus the you'll also learn how my favourite Italian word can get you unstuck when you’re resisting change (and, no, it’s not ‘vino’!).


The vital final step

Any change – be it a shift in a limiting belief or giving up sugar – takes time to integrate. So often we dive back in to the rush of daily life and don’t give the change time to catch up. Sometimes that’s fine. Sometimes it’s not.
So in this module, I invite you to wrap things up properly, to take the final small steps to make sure the shifts you have created last. And they will!

P.S. You can apply this stuff to so many things - not just limiting beliefs.

Designed To Make It Easy For You To Learn & Apply

Clare Josa

Author, Speaker, Mentor To Passionate World-Changers

Clare Josa has been a certified NLP Trainer ('user manual' for your brain) since 2003, which means she's an expert in how to design highly-effective training courses, making it super-easy for you to learn the new techniques, in a fluff-free, practical, upbeat way.

Plus she brings her experience as a Mechanical Engineer, specialising in Six Sigma process improvement, to take out the fluff and padding, so you get exactly what you need in this course - in the most effective order - you're not wasting time on stuff that won't really help.

And, as a certified Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga teacher, and the author of five life-changing books, she loves to demystify Ancient Wisdom into practical actions you can take today, in less time than it takes a kettle to boil.

The strategies in the Limiting Belief Toolkit are the exact same ones she uses with her one-to-one mentoring clients - and herself - and have been developed over her 15+ years in specialising in teaching the 'inside work' that most people don't realise will set them free to make the difference they are really here to make in the world - loving the journey.

You Are Not Alone

This is so much more than just a self-study course.

You'll get instant access to the full course, with its videos, audio, quiz, worksheets and MP3s, so you can work through it at your own pace, but you're not alone.

You've got the chance to ask questions and share your breakthroughs or surprises for each lesson in a private, Google-proof forum (no more baring your Soul in a 10,000-strong Facebook group). Your fellow students are there to be your virtual cheerleaders and Clare Josa pops in most weekdays, too, to make sure you've got the support and encouragement you need.

And you get invitation-only access to Clare's monthly live Q&A call, exclusively for her online programme students, where you can get answers to your burning questions and celebrate your successes - and learn from others on the call, too.

And There's More! Exclusive Bonuses:

These are just for you, to say thank you for hanging out with me in this training!


Dare To Dream Bigger

It's the 'inside work' how-to for clearing out your hidden blocks. Get the Limiting Belief Toolkit today and a PDF copy of Dare to Dream Bigger is yours, as my gift (usually £10)

Beat Imposter Syndrome

Register for the Limiting Belief Toolkit today and I'll give you my Imposter Syndrome Emergency Quick Fix video training, as my gift, instead of the usual £47. It's a 10-minute quick fix miracle.

Fear Releasing Meditation

Feeling stressed? Worried? Secretly scared? You'll get an exclusive MP3 guided visualisation to help you release comfort zone fears at those times when navel-gazing isn't an option.

Plus you'll get an exclusive MP3 guided visualisation to clear out writers' block.

And There's More:

Five Biz-Trashing Beliefs That Most Of Us Don't Realise We're Running

Hot Off The Press!

You get instant access to this transformational 60-minute masterclass. Others paid £97 to join us. Register for the Limiting Belief Toolkit today & it's yours as my gift.

And, if you dive in today, all of this is yours for just £197

What would it be worth to you, to be able to clear out the hidden blocks that have been keeping you stuck, dreaming big, but playing small in your business dreams?

P.S. If you're a Passionate World Changer Club Member, then this training is included in your membership.

Zero Risk - 30-Day Guarantee - But No Brown-Bananas

I want to take the risk out of this decision for you. Try out this course, dive in to each module, make the most of it, and if you genuinely feel it hasn't helped you, let my team know by replying to any of the course emails, within 30 days, and we'll give you a no-quibble refund.

All I ask is that you actually try the course on for size. It's not a 'brown banana' guarantee - you wouldn't take a banana back to the supermarket because it went brown when you couldn't be bothered to eat it, would you? ;-) 

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Dubbed the 'inside work MBA' by its readers, and considered by experts to be one of the most practical and potent personal development books around, it's a step-by-step how-to for clearing out the hidden blocks, fears, excuses and comfort zones that keep us stuck, dreaming big, but playing small.

Change your life - and the world - for less than the price of a pizza:

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