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Sorry gents - this one's only for women. 

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A Monthly Live Masterclass

Practical inspiration for clearing out your hidden blocks and creating breakthroughs in your business. You get to help choose the topic.

Monthly Group Mentoring

Get hot seat mentoring with your burning business questions & get live feedback from the group on your latest ideas.

You Are Not Alone! Find Your Tribe!

Your Passionate World Changer Tribe is waiting for you in our private forum, for feedback, answering questions & sharing the journey. It's a private forum, not a public Facebook group!

Online Training Course Vault

Get Clare Josa's vault of online training, covering everything from the 90 day business reboot programme to ditching limiting beliefs and livestreaming for the secretly terrified.

Membership is capped at 300 places. So you'll never feel 'lost in the crowd' like in a 10,000+ member Facebook group.

Join Us Before Midday On Monday 30th April (UK Time) And Lock In Your Never-To-Be-Repeated Pricing.

You will be 'grandfathered' in at just £29 per month for the duration of your membership,
even when others are paying £97 per month.

Note: membership is only open to women running a business in Europe.


Payments every 30 days


Lock in this price for the lifetime of your membership.

ONLY for the next 10 members.

The regular price will be £97 per month once we are full. You lock in £29 per month for the duration of your membership.

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There will only be 100 Founder Members who enjoy a discounted subscription for as long as they want to stay in the Passionate World Changer Club, as well as surprise bonuses.
After we reach 100 members, the price will be £47 per month, until we fill the membership with 300 Passionate World Changing Women. After that it will be wait-listed at £97 per month.

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Today's pricing is only for the next 10 members - before 30th April 2018 at Midday UK Time.
After that it will increase to £35 per month for the following 10 members, increasing until we reach full capacity at £97 per month.

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