Ditching The GDPR Myths – A Must-Watch Guide For Solopreneurs & Micro Business Owners

By Clare Josa

Feb 21

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting really confused about GDPR lately. Now New Year is behind us, it seems to be looming like Mount Doom in a Middle Earth version of micro business hell.

I’m seeing well-intentioned business blogs and podcasts publishing ‘definitive guides’ that are full of mistakes and incorrect assumptions, just like they did back in the EU Digital VAT days. I’m seeing normally friendly business owners slinging mud and insults at those burying their head in the sand or those ‘pooping their pants’ (yes, a professional business owner actually accused fellow biz owners of that in public yesterday!) as they try to project their worry and stress onto others.

So I decided to take action.


GDPR Webinar

On March 7th at 1pm UK time, I’m teaming up with Heather Burns, who is a Digital Law Specialist and a recognised authority on the GDPR rules for small businesses. We’re going to run an interactive webinar for you, to get you answers to your questions and confidence to implement the solutions that mean you won’t have to trash your business or give up on sleeping.

Here’s where to register – we’re not charging for this:

Grab Your Seat Now

Heather Burns was a Godsend for the EU VAT Action Campaign, keeping us up-to-date with shifts in EU policy throughout the three years and I really rate her as an expert on the GDPR rules. In fact, she could only do March 7th for this session because she’s so busy travelling and running multi-day trainings on GDPR, so I’m really thrilled she’s taking the time to hang out with us and help us all. Please make sure you catch this session, even if it’s only the replay.

And once you have registered, you’ll get a link to our private discussion forum where you can post your questions for Heather.

If you know anyone else who needs this, here’s where they can register: https://www.5minute.biz/gdpr/

See you there?

x Clare

Clare Josa   |   Author of Dare To Dream Bigger

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