GDPR Privacy Policy - How I Did Mine & How Are You Getting On With Yours?  


Clare Josa
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27th April 2018 10:42 am  

Here's an update on how I did my privacy policy. I'm hoping that seeing how I did what I did - and why - might help you, too:


Resources I Used:

  • Heather Burns' guidelines for what needs to be in the privacy policy - go to the webinar replay page and download her slide pack
  • Heather's guidelines for auditing my business, to understand (1) how & where I was using data and (2) what my grounds for legal processing were - e.g. legitimate interests vs consent
  • Suzanne Dibble's privacy policy template - I used this to get started but couldn't have filled it in properly without Heather's guidance from the webinar - note: this link gets me a small commission, which helps cover the costs of running the webinar and I'm only telling you about it because I had to use it
  • Here's my privacy policy page - a work in progress. I felt it was important to have a 'human' note at the top, explaining what we have been doing, why, and what's still left to do.

Where are you up to on your privacy policy?

Any questions? Top tips? Terrified nightmares? Avoidance strategies? Solutions?

Let's get this sorted! We've got 4 weeks to go and it's not optional...  😘 

x Clare

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8th May 2018 1:58 pm  

Just want to thank you and Heather for the truly terrific and helpful webinar on GDPR. I was in a bit of a panic about it all but it now seems much more manageable. I live in Australia and have a microbusiness listing holiday homes. I have only a handful of European customers and I only hand customer details over to the house owners so it's not as though I have a huge or really difficult task. You have persuaded me, though, to get on with it  because GDPR will become a world standard which I am now also convinced that we really do need these protections from those who think that privacy is no more than a speed bump.

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