How Does Your Brain Keep You Stuck In Entrepreneurial Self Doubt?

By Clare Josa

Jan 26
The neurosicence of limiting beliefs for entrepreneurs

Do you ever catch yourself telling yourself stories about how you’re not good enough? How your Big Dream project won’t work out? How you’re scared of failure? You’re not alone! And there’s a secret as to why ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ and ‘pushing on through’ won’t work. In this short video, I’m spilling the beans on the neuroscience of limiting beliefs for entrepreneurs.

I shared this video on Facebook and it got over 7,000 views, so I wanted to make sure you got a chance to watch it, too.

  • In it, you’ll get a whistle-stop tour of demysified neuroscience – letting you know why it’s impossible to ‘think’ your way out of self-doubt.
  • You’ll learn how limiting beliefs are formed and why it can be so tricky to ditch them, without the right techniques.
  • And you’ll learn how they filter your experience of life and make it even harder to succeed in your business.

Plus you’ll find out what you can do about it!

This video is a bonus from my Limiting Belief Toolkit programme, which you can join here: Limiting Belief Toolkit.

Note: if you’re a Passionate World Changer Club member, it’s already waiting for you, inside your Training Vault.


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I’d love to hear from you, via the comments:

  • What did you learn? Any surprises? Lightbulbs? Questions?
  • How have your limiting beliefs been getting in the way of your Passionate World Changer mission?
  • And what action are you going to take, in the next 24 hours, to turn things around?

x Clare

Clare Josa   |   Author of Dare To Dream Bigger   |   Mentor to Passionate World Changers

P.S. If you have Dare To Dream Bigger, then most of step two and some of step three in the book are all about how to let go of fear and hidden beliefs and even imposter syndrome, so you can crank up your entrepreneurial confidence in growing your business.

You can change the world – and your life – for less than the price of a pizza 😉


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Clare Josa: Mentor To Passionate World-Changers since 2002 If you've had enough of secretly getting in your own way, Clare Josa can help with her unique blend of practical business strategy and the 'inside work' that sets you free to make the difference you are really here to make. Her much-loved book, Dare To Dream Bigger, gives you the step by step how-to for this. And if you want to lose yourself in a great story, her first novel, You Take Yourself With You, is a fab place to start.

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